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BADGAL Brows started as a side hustle in my dining room, taking clients in between school runs, cooking dinners & bedtime stories. As a single mum I struggled with finances and needed a job & income to suit my family. Brows & PMU soon became my passion and purpose! My calling is to help others just like you to succeed & I'm loving every moment of my journey! I never thought back then that doing brows would provide my family with financial security & a career that fills me, my clients and students with happiness! I’m so blessed and grateful that I can now help you achieve success and develop your passion for brows too!

Is this course for me?

Perfect for PMU artists that would like to get more clients through the door! 50% of my Badgal Henna Brows clients converted to Microblading or Ombre Brows with me! Once they see the beauty of Henna Brows, they want something more permanent and now they trust you as their Brow Artist!

  • As a Henna Brow Artist alone you could easily make up to £43,750 working 7 hours per day, 5 days per week (Minus supplies & Business costs)

  • You can work hours to suit you from home, especially if you have children, just like I did! Work hours to suit you and your lifestyle!

  • It’s a perfect Brow treatment to add on to any beauty treatment, especially as a lash or nail artist! Lashes, nails and Brows go together!

  • Minimal treatment costs, meaning more money in your pocket!

Course curriculum

  • 1


  • 3

    Client Care

    • Contra-indications & Contra-Actions

    • Contraindications

    • Contraindications - What Do They Look Like?

    • Contra-actions

    • Patch Testing

    • Aftercare

    • Client Care Quiz

  • 4

    Safety, Sanitation & Set Up

    • Keep it clean!

    • Clean Down

  • 5

    Badgal Brow Mapping Module


    • Brow Mapping on Paper


  • 6

    The Art of Henna Brows Technique

    • Henna Brow Facts

    • Badgal Henna Brows - 10 Step Method

    • Mixing & Selecting the Henna Shade

    • Waxing Do's and Dont's

    • Waxing Technique


  • 7

    Anatomy & Physiology

    • Anatomy & Physiology -Brows

  • 8

    The Art of Henna Brows Demonstrations

    • Tutorial 1

    • Tutorial 2

  • 9

    Picture Perfect

    • Getting Content

  • 10

    Brow Boss Business (BONUS)

    • Brow Business Secrets of Success

    • Brow Boss eBook

Bonus Brow Business Module

This free bonus module will teach you how to; attract & keep clients, be the Go-To Brow Artist in your area, collect Google reviews & master Google like a pro. It will give you Instagram tips, inspirational tips, set goals and so much more!

  • Brow Business Secrets of Success Webinar

    In this webinar I share all my top tips and secrets, to help you achieve success fast, saving you time money and propelling you to succeed as a Henna Brow Artist. I teach you how to be the ‘GO TO BROW ARTIST ‘In your area!

  • Brow Boss e-Book

    I want to share with you the tools I have used to help me succeed. Take a shortcut to success! I have shared all of my secrets, tips, tricks & knowledge that I have developed through years of hard work, mistakes & many tears that it has taken to build my successful business.

Course Reviews

"You won’t get online training like this ANYWHERE"

Amiée Wolfe

"After literally years of deliberating on whether to train in brows, I chose one of the most talented brow artists in the industry...the knowledge shared is gold-dust. You won’t get training like this ANYWHERE....I’m overjoyed with my training experience and will definitely be going back for further advanced training in the future!

"I have tried other brow courses but this is definitely a step above the rest"

Sophie Blackburn

"I did some recent training with Natalie for Badgal definition and henna brows. I can’t say how amazing she and her team are. The course itself was absolutely amazing and so in-depth...Natalie is so knowledgeable when teaching she really helped lift my confidence and has been so supportive since the course making you feel like she really wants to support you and your business in doing well. I have tried other brow courses but this is definitely a step above the rest.

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Investing in yourself is the BEST investment you can make

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